Monday, August 23, 2010


These Picture of Madonna's are from the same catalogue than the pictures on the previous posting

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday afternoon on my way to meet two my old school friends, I went to this small shop next to the movie thither in Turku. I like the atmosphere of this shop, soft colours and nice country feeling... I would like to buy plenty things in that shop but my holiday house in Finland and our house in Andorra are both something else than country style. So I browsed through the shop and found this beautiful magazine at the counter and bought it without no hesitation. It is called lifestyle in a class of its own " Jeanne d'Arc Living" and there are more than 150 pages of lovely soft country style decoration tip and food recipes. I loved all the 150 pages of that magazine and here are some of the pictures I photographed to show you.

Since quite sometime I have had this feeling about one day owning a beautiful country home some where in south of Europe with my own vegetable garden... And I think one day this type of home will find me and it will give me the opportunity to do my best to give that house back of the old homely feeling that it has ones had, with some work and understanding the real history of that old house...

Monday, August 9, 2010


Catedral of Turku in the early morning...

The River Aura passes in middle of Turku with the Restaurant boats...

"Don't pass by your culture"... Turku European city of culture in 2011

Market place at the city centre of Turku

Polar Bear fabric by Marimekko.... 


Waiting for the coffee...

Reflections... Me in the antique shop window...the building in the window of the opposite side...