Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is not only a book about these girls, it's book about all us "GIRLS", young or old. It is about how lovely we all can be. And we all the LOVEliest Girl in the World. This book has the most beautiful photos and graphic art, some parts looks like you are looking at a wall paper or a fabric. Last weekend I went to a book fair in Turku, Finland and I had the opportunity to meet Miina Savolainen the author of the book. What a marvelous lady, she has manage to bring these girls souls in to the photos. Her long term work has given confidence and courage to these young girls. And it shows us all how empowering photography helps many ways. The text in the book is in Finnish and English. This is a type of book that every mother should buy to her daughters. It gives something good for all us girls with our growing pains in life even we are older already.

This award winning book looks like a fairy tale book. The girls looks like fairies in a mystic environment but they all are real with a real life story behind each of them. It is a real art book for the whole family to read about how these girls went through the process of growing up without their parents. If you want to get The Loveliest Girl in the World book you can order it on the you can find on the link the English version as well. It will also give for all us girls something to think about ourselves. We all are lovely...