Sunday, February 21, 2010


While walking in the old part of Stockholm, we went in to Indiska shop, they also have shops in Finland but I just wanted to check this one and got a beautiful surprise... But some history first...

INDISKA 1901-1950

Mathilda Hamilton

In 1901 a female entrepreneur named Mathilda Hamilton decided to open a shop in Stockholm. She had lived in the Himalayas in northern India between 1894-1901. She called the shop Indiska Utställningen (Indian Exhibition) and it was situated on Regeringsgatan.
This is the beginning of what is now INDISKA Magasinet AB with more than 80 shops spread across Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Free trade under responsibility constitute the main long-term contribution to economic development and reduced social injustices in the third world. This view is based on INDISKA Magasinet Soon 100-year experience in trading with developing countries, mainly India.

Some of the corner stones are:

Humanism and consideration

A business culture that affects the activity, co-workers and choice of suppliers.

Long Term and close supplier relations

A condition for influence and shared vision. Just like Indiska Magasinet, a majority of producers are run as family businesses, where close relationships, many 25-30 years old developed between owners and co-workers.

Presence and commitment

Trading with poor developing regions always means risks for problems and mistakes. But the philosophy is that through continued presence and active commitment faster create change and positive development.

This shop was just so amazing, after every corner there were something more, stairs going down took us to a old cellar, one part looked more like an old dungeon, The Indiska had really made something nice out of this place which is not too easy to realise...

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