Monday, February 8, 2010


Still almost a full moon, I was so surprised a about this photo that it game out so well

During the weekend the mountains have change to the frozen sea. I left Andorra few days ago and game to Finland visit my family and friends. This year we really have quite a lot of snow here in Finland... We are so lucky everywhere we have such a wonderful neighbours, when I arrived here on late Friday evening the road and the yards were cleared of snow by our neighbour. I have a small old Toyota that we drive here, "a holiday car" I should actually give a name to the car...Today I had to get two new winter tyres to drive more safely on these icy roads...It has been snowing the whole day again...

                  Sun rising over the mountains in Andorra, the view from our terrace and living room

   I am lucky to have large windows in our house ans see these beautiful natural painting, everyday it is lovely

Then I game to this, the terrace is covered with snow in Finland so peaceful this white fluffy natural and peaceful garden. I dont want to even walk on the terrace to disturb the beauty of it...Today was really snowing heavily...

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Loree said...

Very beautiful photos and it looks so peaceful.