Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Naantali is a small town in South west of Finland near Turku... The old part of Naantali has very old wooden houses which has been renovated and people love to live in that area. It is close by the leisure boat harbour and restaurants. Naantali is more a summer city they even call it the "St. Tropez de Finland". Summer time brings the Naantali back to life, the small street are busy and many tourist comes to visit the historical part of town and families comes from far away to visit The Moomin World. See my posting about Naantali summer on my July postings...


Loree said...

It is so pretty. It looks like a fairytale.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Well I'm amazed by that lovely city especially during the winter time (I love winter) because of Moomins and, you know, the climat of Scandinavia. I believe I'll visit Naantali in my snowy future...:))))
Thanks for lovely pictures again!!