Monday, March 1, 2010


A week ago when I was in Stockholm I saw the first H&M Home shop that had opened in city centre of Stockholm. In the shop you have a display of most of their home products, bed linen, kitchen towels, bathroom textiles, cushions etc. you can purchase some items in the shop but all the items are in storage at the back of the shop. So to do your shopping you take a metal plate and you have a choice of small flat magnets with pictures of the items you can buy and then with this "shopping basket" you go to the cashier who will give you all the purchased product. Some product are only available on Internet... I wanted to make a photo of the shop but I was not allowed to do that...

All the photos are from the H&M HOME Spring 2010 catalog


Loree said...

How interesting. I have shopped at H&M clothes stores and I like their products.

The Spirit of Abundance said...

Heippa Jaana,

Olen viime aikoina useammassa blogissa nähnyt otteita tai kuvia uudesta H&M HOME valikoimasta, kaikilla hiukka erilaisia kuvia, mutta silti ... vaikuttaa yllättävän kivalta. Mun täytyy kait tutkailla sitä vähän tarkemmin, jospa sieltä vaikka tilaiskin jotain :).