Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I read a lots of different decoration magazines. I follow UK, Finnish, French, Australian, South African and Spanish magazines. To keep all ideas from wall painting to accessories and all what comes to decoration, I cut pictures from the mags and keep them for a while. Then when I have piles of pictures, I will sort them out in some kind of order, bathrooms, kitchens, colours, accessories etc. Then I will glue the pictures on big visual diaries or sketch books with plastic covers. The blank white pages fills up fast with all kind of pictures that I want to keep, I don't write much on those pages, the image will tell more than words. I have made plenty these type of books; one for colours for painting ideas, country style, rustic style, modern African style, I even have one book for Christmas. I made even a special one, when I was looking for ideas for our chalet. You can have plenty stylish ideas for your home. When ever I am short of tricks for accessories, the best way is go back to my pages and I will always find something new on them.
Doing these books are one of my favorite pass time on a rainy day.

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