Thursday, July 30, 2009


Two days ago on Monday, I was thinking of my next posting on this blog. So in the afternoon when I got back from town to the chalet, I noticed that my entrance terrace with stairs needed some upgrade. There were still some unfinished weather guard coating missing on the two wooden poles and under the roof and the terrace looked "triste" (sad).
So I took a walk around all the terrace areas around the chalet and found out several things that needed my attention. Around the Sauna building by the sea the terrace still needed the weather guard coating and my summer kitchen was asking for some maintenance. On the pier the two deck chairs looked miserable with the fabric that ones was black and now it had turn to grew with the sun light. All our wooden garden furniture on the pier and on the upper terrace where dry and grey, so they needed some furniture oil to get their natural colour back. During two days I was working hard to give a new look for all the furniture and surrounding terraces.

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