Monday, May 3, 2010


         The sun had just rised and it was shining the terrace that overlooks the Victoria falls with the bridge

      It still have a old colonial feeling, in this hotel the British Kings and Queens have spent their "holidays"

                                                      Collage of some old souvernirs at the hotel

                                The view of the sunrise at 6 o'clock from the hotel garden

                                                                        The Bathroom

                                                                        Close to the monster

                                                           An other part of the Victoria falls

                                                        Boat trip on the upper part of Zambezi river

                            Quite calm looking Zambezi river, but at the end the cloud is the water fall

                                                          Our sun downer drinks on the boat

                    The famous sun down over the Zambezi river between Zimbabwe and Zambia

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Loree said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for posting. It allows me to view a part of the world that I doubt I will ever see for myself.