Sunday, November 28, 2010


I LOVE BOOKS! Yes in this virtual world I still love the real books. One of my favorite pastime in town, where ever I am is to go and visit local book stores.
Christmas is soon here so why don't you give this yeah a nice book as a present to someone. I have put together a list of books that I like and you can purchase them here online dirtily from my blog. Ok I agree it is not the same than browsing through a bookstore but I must say most of my books I by them by depending in which language I want to get them... I read books in English, French and Finnish and is so much more than books...

So I have really start to think about my list of favorite books...I guarantee there are plenty... but at least I can tell you something about each book...

Here are some Marc Levy's books in English. I like to read his books in french because I like his French writing and it makes me to keep up my French. Yes I know I speak French everyday at home mostly to my husband but I also need to keep up my language skills so this is a good way. The following books are written by Marc Levy

Et si C'etait Vrai
La Premiere Nuit (French Edition)                    
Ou Es-Tu? (French Edition)
Le Premier Jour (French Edition)
Vous revoir (French Edition)
Mes amis, mes amours (French Edition)
Les enfants de la liberte (French Edition)
Just Like Heaven Movie Tie-in: A Novel
Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites
If Only It Were True
The Children of Freedom
All Those Things We Never Said

If you are interested in wine and French countryside these books are for you. A real life story of the English lady making wine in France. I have met her ones and her wine is really good. Her story is outstanding and you learn about the life in French countryside. 

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