Tuesday, August 25, 2009


August is maybe not the best time to visit Barcelona, lot of tourists and August is also the holiday month of the Spanish people so twice as much tourists in Barcelona. For the first time visitor the best way to get a good idea of Barcelona is to hop in to the tourist bus service which has 3 different lines. Parking is difficult so we used the tourist bus service and during two days we discovered new areas of Barcelona. We knew already the old historical part of the city but still had to follow Antonio Gaudi's world. The Park Güell was so full of people it look like the human tsunami had taken over the park. About 15km from Barcelona there is La Còlonia Güell, an old industrial village built end of the 18th century. Gaudi's Crypt can be found there. La Còlonia Güell was later sold as individual houses and it is still a living village, but you can follow its history by the self guided tour.

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