Monday, August 10, 2009


Last Friday I went to "Alko", the Finnish liquor store owned by the state. They have a good variety of wines from all over the world. In the shop I found the "Etiketti" magazine, which is publish by the Alko and always have articles about wines and food. This time I got more interested about it because it said on the front cover "South African White Wines", so I picked it up but only had time yesterday to read it. The first picture in the article was Constantia Steenberg Vineyards, I was looking at my old neighbourhood. In 2003 we left France and moved to Cape Town, South Africa and rented a house next to Klein Constantia Wine farm.
Buitenverwachtning was at the back of our house and our children's school was next to Steenberg Vineyards. The Constantia area in Cape Town is really beautiful with the old Dutch style Buildings and the mountains... It is really a place everybody should visit ones in the life time... In that regard I am lucky to have a change to visit South Africa quite often so I will be back there in November with some Finnish friends.
So this weekend we drunk some South African Wines with a friend from Miami but origin from Cape Town. South Africa has lots of good wines, we try always some new ones that we can buy here in Finland and this time one of the bottles that we had was called "Long Nose" a gewurztraminer from Western Cape, it is a nice wine to drink even for aperitif. The label said it will be good with spicy food. Fragrant and full bouquet. Spices, rose petal and lime dominate that pallet.
With food we had an other South African white from Tulbagh area, Drostdy-Hof chardonnay, this wine is slightly oaked with tropical fruit flavours.

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