Friday, September 25, 2009


At home in Andorra we have 4 bedrooms, the main bedroom has it's own story but all the 3 other ones are not too big. The main bedroom and the guest room are upstairs. Downstairs we have most of our living area and the 2 other bed rooms. I have taken over those two rooms for my activities. The smallest room has one door window opening to the back yard and the room is quite dark even on a sunny day. When we bought this house a year ago, all the walls and sealings in the whole house were the same beige colour. I made this small room for me as a craft room, where I can do my sewing and have all my papers, fabrics, books, tools, magazines etc... So first thing I did, I painted the whole room white; walls and the sealing. Then I wanted all the furniture to be white. I needed lot of storage space and a bed would be nice for extra guest. I wanted a white but bright room...

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