Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Three days ago I still had all the summer decoration on my front door terrace. We left the chalet in August and only game back now, so I wanted it to get more a winter look... Around the chalet we have one hectare of forest, so it was easy to get some branches. I was looking for a big branch to hang it up and luckily during autumn one big branch had felt down just next to the terrace almost waiting for me to pick it up. I have lots of different decorations in from previous years, so I choose few nice white and gold decoration for my big branch. The metal bell ornaments comes from Vancouver, I bought them years ago.. And found them now in my stuff that I have still in South Africa...I just added some tree branches and copper colour ribbon to fit them better with the rest of the decorations...Still need to add some lights...it is so dark all the time here...

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