Friday, January 22, 2010


We got 4 cushions with our coach when we bought it a year ago. The covers are dark brown velvet fabric and they didn't fit to the black, white and red lounge so I use to keep them on our guest bed. They just looked too plain. So with a help a glass, plastic cover and some metallic paint I changed them in 30 minutes. This is so easy to apply just get some paint for fabric or my paint was just a decoration paint for any type of painting. Pore some paint on a piece of cardboard and press your glass or what ever you want to use in the paint and then apply it on you fabric. For some fabric you might to need apply the paint several times to get the wanted effect.You can use any type of item that can print a pattern on your cushion covers. If you are not sure about the result try it first on some peace of fabric. Use your imagination and have fun!!!

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