Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last weekend on the Spanish market a French lady was selling natural soaps and beauty treatments. She convinced me to buy the "Savon Noir" black soap exfoliant for my body, made in Morocco, the Moroccan ladies use it in the Hammans. It feels like sticky soap and you use it with a clove the feels quite coarse. After testing it, my skin was very soft and because the soap contains olive oil, you don't need moisturise your skin after that. To use ones a week.
The soap on photo is a special "Savon Marseille" for stains on your clothes or on other dirty washing. It is nice to find more eco friendly products and if you think these are ancient products that most of us don't know about them or we have forgot that these type of products still exist with all the advertisement for fancy skin exfoliants and chemical stain removers.

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